What is Embedded C Programming?

What is embedded C programming is explained in this article.

C is a general purpose computer programming language developed in year 1972 by Dennis Ritchie.

Embedded inserted deep or implanted.

What is Embedded C Programming?

what is embedded c programming

Before embedded C programming, lets quickly understand what is an embedded system.

Embedded System is a microprocessor-based computer system containing a sotfware which performs a patricular function.

These embedded systems can be independant or part of much larger system.

The software we are talking about is embedded software.

It can be written in python, C, C++, C#, rust, adruino or assembly.

If the software is written in C programming language, it will be called embedded C software.

Wait, theres more to it.

That was just where the software goes and what it is called, but actually what is embedded c programming, another programming language different than general C?

Embedded C is an extension of C programming language.

The extensions are I/O Hardware Addressing, fixed-point arithmetic operations, accessing address spaces, etc.

By now its obvious that embedded C programming is used to develope micro-controller based applications.

Embedded C Program has five layers of basic structures which are explained below.

  1. Comment : These are non-coding lines used to make the code more understandable. // and /* */ symbols are used to write comments as in C language.
  2. Preprocessor directives : Preprocessor directive tells compiler to which files it must look into in order to find the unknown symbols present in C program.
  3. Global declarations : The part of code where global variables are defined.
  4. Local declarations : The part of code where local variables are defined.
  5. main() function : main() function is needed in every C program. It has two parts viz. declaration part where all variables are declared and execution part which defines code for execution.

Currently there are no more articles about embedded C programming on this website but if you want to learn more you can check out this youtube playlist Embedded C Programming Tutorials.

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